1. Hospice Care

    When encountering sudden incidents, we care for the trauma you and your families go through. Therefore, we provide timely professional inquiry services you need.

    ◎We provide all year round 24-7 hospice inquiry service on hospice etiquette, document applications, and other related inquiries.
    ◎We provide funeral etiquette procedures and items needed.
    ◎We assist family with document applications.
    ◎We provide complete memorial funeral service procedure explanation and membership rights explanation.
    ◎We introduce all other related services provided by the company and the process procedures.

    When the incident occurs, it is inevitable to panic
    ※When the doctor makes the announcement; please call us at 0800-099-098 for transporting the deceased. You can trust us on the most complete funeral service.

  2. Transport the Deceased

    In Chinese tradition of “fallen leaves return to the roots”, some patients will ask to be on life support to be transported home before the doctor makes the announcement and set up the shrine in the middle of the living room.
    With the changes of the housing styles, it is inconvenient to have the funeral in the apartment or compound buildings. Therefore, most people set up mourning hall in private service center or at home, and the deceased is sent to funeral homes or the location designated by the deceased.

    ◎All year round 24-7 0800 toll free calls for transporting the deceased.
    ◎One professional funeral director is designated to assist family with all related managements.
    ◎Providing one hearse and one transporting staff to transport the deceased back to the bereaved family or funeral home designated by the family.
    ◎Assisting with check in procedures at funeral home and put the deceased in the freeing room.
    ◎If transporting the deceased back home, we will reserve a portable freezer to store the deceased, or have the funeral service immediately.
    ◎Assisting members with the contract certification procedure to fulfill the contract, so the family does not need to come to the company in person.

  3. Set Up Mourning Hall

    When you are in the difficult time saying goodbye to your loved one, we assist you transform your grief to remembrance and arrange related religious ceremony. So you can have completely quiet and magnificent space to remember your loved one.

    ◎Suntras chanting staff sets up the tablet and chants suntras for the deceased.
    ◎Setting up a worship room for family to worship in the mornings and evenings during the bereavement period.
    ◎Professional funeral director provides related information during the bereavement period.

  4. Coffining

    This is the last chance for the family to see the deceased. In tradition, family will line up around the house to see the deceased for the last time after coffining. There is no taboo after coffining, so the family should cease the last chance to see the deceased.

    ◎We will lead the family to conduct coffining ritual.
    ◎The coffining team will complete the coffining ritual
    ◎The professional staff will get the deceased dressed.
    ◎Funeral counselor supervises related staff on the ritual procedures and assists family with worship ceremony.

  5. Funeral Ceremony Coordination

    The ceremony is customized based on the information provided by the family, who remember the life of the deceased and present an unforgettable memory for family and friends.

    ◎Funeral director recommends times for coffining, ceremony, cremation, and columbarium service for the family.
    ◎Explaining the service details of the contract and the family’s rights when fulfilling the contract.
    ◎Coordinating ceremony procedures based on the needs of the family and providing related items and suggestions needed during the bereavement period.
    ◎Writing obituary according to the status of the deceased and the family and putting it in print after approval by the family (family should provide the list of the family members).
    ◎The family should provide life information and stories of the deceased, so the MC can read the obituary and the events and stories of the deceased.
    ◎Enlarging and framing the portrait of the deceased, engraving the urn with gold and creating china portrait (family should provide the negative or photo of the deceased).
    ◎Providing funeral ceremony suggestions based on the religion, local folk custom, and the needs of the family and solutions to the questions the family might have.
    ◎Making reservations of public facilities, such as ceremony room and cremator, and assisting the family with application of cremation permit.
    ◎Assisting the family select mourning clothes and providing guidance on wearing mourning clothes.

  6. Ceremony Preparation

    During this time, we will work with you with profession and discretion to prepare the ceremony based on the original plans.

    ◎Complete ceremony design, including hardware decorations, lighting, sound system, and condolence items set up, by the decoration team and supervised by the funeral director and final approval by the family
    ◎Preparation of related ceremony items and confirm the time and schedule of the ceremony with the family.
    ◎Making payments of related governmental charges (reimbursed with receipts later).
    ◎Funeral director provides 24-hour counseling service to the family for any concerns and questions during the bereavement period.

  7. The Funeral Ceremony

    It is normal to be in deep grief when seeing the loved one for the last time. So you can rely on our profession for the funeral ceremony.

    ◎Assisting family with remains claim procedures and transport the remains to the coffining room.
    ◎Accompanying suntras chanting staff to guide the family for receiving spirit ritual to start the funeral ceremony.
    ◎MC or suntras chanting staff guides the family during the spirit comforting ritual.
    ◎Suntras chanting staff leads the family to chant and help the soul of the deceased to cross over to the paradise..
    ◎A five-person band will play live music to create the atmosphere with professional MC to lead the funeral ceremony.
    ◎Two professional ushers will assist MC during the ceremony.
    ◎MC leads the family and relatives to worship during the ceremony.
    ◎MC leads the public groups to worship during the ceremony.

  8. Proceeding to Cremation

    The music urges the departure. The deceased has completed his life with dignity. At this moment of saying goodbye, we will accompany you to support the deceased to continue his next journey with respect.

    ◎Funeral director supervises the decoration team to restore the ceremony site (condolence items and the bereaved family items will be retrieved by the family).
    ◎MC or suntras chanting staff leads the family on the spirit comforting ritual.
    ◎A five-person band plays live music to create the atmosphere and one professional MC to start the procedures to complete the ceremony.
    ◎Four transporting staff moves the casket onto the hearse with the customized casket cart.
    ◎Arranging imported western style hearse to transport the deceased and tablet to the cremation location.
    ◎Funeral counselor leads the cremation team to the cremation location.

  9. Cremation and Sealing the Urn

    It is hard to say the final farewell. We feel your pain, so we will assist you with the ashes of the deceased after the cremation.

    ◎Funeral director sets up the offering at the cremation location.
    ◎Suntras chanting staff leads the family to worship before cremation.
    ◎Funeral director accompanies the family to see casket go into the cremator.
    ◎Suntras chanting staff leads the family on the mourning clothes removal ritual after the casket goes into the cremator.
    ◎Assisted by the funeral director, the family participates in cremated remains retrieving and urn sealing rituals.
    ◎The staff retrieves cremated remains, puts them in the urn, and seals the lid. The family brings it home after confirmation.

  10. Religious Rituals

    When everything is said and done, we will set up the deceased’s tablet for you. From this moment on, please leave the grief behind and transform it to positive motives and go back to your normal daily routines.

    The mourning clothes needs to be removed before welcoming the deceased home. The oldest grandson holds the urn in the front and leads the family back home.

  11. Columbarium and Cemetery Service

    After completing the magnificent funeral ceremony, we assist you to put the remains or ashes of the deceased at the prearranged columbarium for remembrance later on with our sincerity and professional services.

    Columbarium Service:
    ◎One limousine is assigned to transport ashes to the columbarium designated by the family and rest in peace.

    Cemetery Service:
    ◎Funeral director assists family set up the offerings for the burial ceremony.
    ◎Suntras chanting staff leads the family on the burial ceremony for the deceased.
    ◎Suntras chanting staff leads the family on the ritual of worshiping the god of earth.

  12. The Following Care

    We will continue to provide our counseling and remembrance services to you on the related occasions with care after accompanying the deceased during the final journey.

    ◎Funeral director provides details of charges for the ceremony and receives payments from the family. The company will mail the receipts to the family later.
    ◎The family fills out satisfaction survey and makes comments and suggestions.
    ◎Please call us at our customer service center for concerns and questions during the service period.
    ◎After interrogating the customer complaints, we will provide explanations and process results.
    ◎We will mail reminders to the family before the Hundred Day and the First Death Anniversary and provide free inquiry services.
    ◎Providing free inquiry services on the third year anniversary, burner binding, and four-season’s rituals.