Wuxia Premium Single Columbarium

Product Features

The first columbarium design of international architect Tadao Ando allows ancestors to live here and honor the family.

The international artist Heinrich Wang creates porcelain panel with delicacy, elegance and exceptional significance, which upgrades the overall taste.

The unique design of centurial dream combination with limited quantity.

The six-star columbarium space and sustainable management allow people to stay peacefully and comfortably.


Theme of space: Kaleidoscope of memories

Master Tadao Ando hopes to design a meditation space where visitors may be filled with imaginations and profound spirit. The overall space adopts the concept of “kaleidoscope”. The kaleidoscope neatly cuts and refracts the injected light and presents a beautiful and continuous image, which seems to transform segments of past memories with the deceased into crystals and store them in the space.


The idea of spacial design

The welcoming hall is a round space in white. The Wuxia white indicates that the purity remains regardless of external exaggeration. Besides, the space also allows visitors to transform various troubles in the daily life into a solemn emotion. The wall and the side board of frames in the columbarium present a waving polyhedron; through the light, the expression of space becomes more abundant. The overlapping or extensive light creates an eternal “small universe of memory”. “The Kaleidoscope of memories” painted by refraction of light and shades will evoke strong emotions of visitors toward the deceased and make touching feelings reach the deepest place of souls.


The design of Wuxia porcelain panel 

Given that the porcelain techniques, which Chinese culture takes proud of the most, become weakened and the modern porcelain art remains stagnant, the art master Heinrich Wang has established NewChi Contemporary Porcelain followed by Tittot to rebuild a new appearance for eastern porcelain art as well as revive the fame of Chinese porcelain based on the modern creativity, delicate techniques and profound poetic implications.


The element of panel design 

Based on “Mandala”, the design interprets the peace and excellence of Western Elysium. The shape of the round Heaven and the vast earth is the main body, and the wall-like stairs surround by it upward to the center. Such design indicates the sublimation of life and creates an image of castle, which represents a final residence of the life. The radiant waves spreading from the center express the echoes released by each emotion and memory in the world. The five elements of nature—fire from the central sun, the undulating wind, the waving clouds, the rain protecting peripheral and the simple air and Earth, are also adopted to represent the gentle and merciful dynamics and endless love.


Product Content

Specification: Premium Single Columbarium

Materials: Porcelain panel by Heinrich Wang + Aluminum alloy frame

Capacity: 1 urn (two urns at most; the size of urn: The diameter of 22 cm and the height of 25 cm).

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