Xing Dong Classic Single Columbarium

Product Features 

The starry space with profound and gorgeous gentle design presents a elegant and low-key beauty of simplicity as well as creates a phenomenon which calms the souls; the simple and refined appearance highlight the artistic value of eternity. The cultivated and gentle content as well as fashionable and classic design of the starry sky symbolize a gorgeous and fortunate texture.


Premium panels and gorgeous diamond-carving art

Unlimited memories and recall are embedded in various blessing and praying flower decorations, whispering the profound memories.

Besides intriguing gorgeous sandblasting glass panels, spacious embedded frames are rich in practical features. To satisfy family members’ convenience of use, a delicate glass plaque is additionally gave out; moreover, two sets of pure and elegant vases sacrifices enrich the purpose of worship and recall in the embedded space, and more products are provided to further meet clients’ needs.


Complete love and eternity of life

The diamond-carved circle expresses the completeness of Buddhism and the concept of tolerance for Heaven and Earth, allowing all blessings to evolve naturally as all creatures. With good mind of humbleness and worship of life, the life cycle evolves continuously.


Eight petals of kind lotus forms eight fortunate articles 

The middle of panel presents a overall texture through glass intaglio (glass sandblasting); golden and elegant flower patterns are fortunate appearances of three treasures and eight petals of lotus. Low-key and luxurious crystal and glass plaques present a clear and delicate textures and elegant disposition. The overall white and clear visual effect may purify mortal thoughts of visitors, gather memories from family members, transform unstrained memories and create continuously beautiful cycle.


Unlimited sky creates eternity of life

The ceiling decoration at the hall of the entrance adopts the 3D surrounding optical fiber lighting which is hung to the middle. The dynamic and shining design creates the brilliance of the starry sky in the universe. The beam of the lighting creates a sense of layer with several ball-shape optical fiber lights hung in lines and demonstrates gorgeous colors of balls through the light adjustment wheel of premium optical fibers, which allow people to be surrounded by changing starry sky in the universe. 


Fashionable lighting design

In the glass demonstrative space at the outer wall, acrylic rods with different layers are placed and the top of each rod is decorated with light beam, creating an effect of flying starry sky.

The side board of the frame is posted with glass mosaic fine bricks, which are built with special techniques. Through the light, the board reflects brilliant and changing patterns; added with low-key optical fiber light, which creates an effect of the starry sky in four seasons, the board demonstrates a consistent overall concept. 


The idea of eternal brilliance

In the starry universe, numerous planets evolve continuously, which resemble eternally shining diamonds implying the vital life cycle; ripples in the starry sky extend outward layer by layer and make Heaven and Earth in one. The unlimited galaxy links each star and extends dynamic changes of life, which symbolizes the content of life unlimitedly and profoundly extending to the endless starry sky.

The design of planet ring symbolizes each star in the universe which is protected by interwoven Buddha’s hands. The dynamic and shining design of light box creates the covering sense of space and dynamic spotlight makes each star evolve with Heaven, Earth and the universe. 

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