Xi Yue Classic Single Columbarium

Statue Merit brings fortune to descendents

As Buddha said, if mortals establish statues of Buddhas, they may eliminate all misfortunes, worries and disasters as well as bring wealth, fortune and accomplishments. As a result, building statues of Buddhas may salvage the deceased and pray for the living and pass down unlimited merits to descendents.


Glass Seven Buddhas guide the deceased to the western world

Glass Seven Buddhas symbolize each aspect of life, including: Heath, interpersonal relationship, fame, appearance, wisdom, wealth and fortune. Under the protection of Buddha, people may be safeguarded and make their life complete and happy as well as receive the guidance of Buddhas to the pure land of Buddhism.


Artistic boutiques.Rare and precious

Glass statues of Buddha are built with handmade de-waxing casting, which is the technique adopted by famous artists to carve artistic works. The procedure is complex and difficult and the cost is high. Only by this technique can the gentle and vivid disposition of Buddhas be present, which shows the rare and precious value of columbarium.


Light offering.Unlimited brightness

The glass is surrounded by brilliant crystals and fortunate golden rings and LED light is installed inside for demonstrating brilliance of light, making owners shone under the merit of Buddha and free from all obstacles, troubles and confusion as well as expand their merits and obtain fortune and successful career. 


Pure land with extreme delight.Unlimited Longevity

The space is designed based on the theme of Western Elysium. For the living, they can ask Buddhas to protect them, enhance their wisdom, remove disasters and expand life; for the deceased, they can keep their practice under the unlimited brightness of Buddhas and obtain unlimited longevity as well as become Buddhas and live at the tranquil and solemn world with unlimited longevity. 


Product Specifications

Xi Yue Single Columbarium (Two urns can be accepted; the maximum size of urn: The diameter of 22 cm and the height of 25 cm)

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