Mi Tuo Guang Standard Single Columbarium

“Western Elysium”--Inheriting the complete planning of True Dragon Tower, Mi Tuo Guang Single Columbarium hopes the mortals to reach the world of unlimited brightness, the idea pure land, based on the aims of delicacy, comfort, and differentiation as well as the common attitude of “considering the ending to be the starting point”.


Artistic boutique.Eternal Classic

The room is designed based on the artistic creation and fashionable boutiques with the integration of religious harmony and true meaning of tranquility and adopts profound and multi-layer glass mirrors, which create a spiritual and brilliant beauty as well as enrich the profound and bright content like its exterior appearance. The brilliance of the room may still shine in the future century.


Lighting offer.Unlimited brightness

In Buddhism, preaching is often described as lighting, which means the inheritance of light as well as the continuity. The layers of light reflected from glass mirrors symbolize the flourishing brightness of Buddhism and the ignition of bright light for the deceased by Buddhism, which guides the bright access to the world of unlimited brightness.


Wheel of Mantra of Rebirth in Pure Land.Obtain the Rebirth in Pure Land

The main function of Mantra of Rebirth in Pure Land is described that: “Amitabha often protects people who practice Mantra of Rebirth in Pure Land day and night and remains the steadiness of the current world. It salvages mortals when they pass away”. As a result, people who often practice Mantra of Rebirth in Pure Land have many benefits. The living may ask Buddhas to remove their misfortunes, eliminate disasters, extend life and pass down merits to descendents. For the deceased, they may enter Western Elysium as soon as possible under the protection of Amitabha.


Amitabha.Bring protection and fortune

The middle of panels contains the seed-syllable of Amitabha, which indicates that Amitabha is in people’s mind and releases unlimited brightness to eliminate all obstacles, worries and confusion; all darkness will be dispersed under brightness; brightness may purify bodies and souls and prolong the merits, wisdom and fortune, allowing people to gradually reach the completeness, successful career, fortune and good wishes. With the support of Buddhas, all misfortunes and disasters will be eliminated and all fortune and wishes may be reached in the post life.


Elysium.Tranquility and solemnity

The space is designed based on the theme of Western Elysium. Just as recorded in Aparimitayur-sutra that the blessing pure land is where unlimited brightness and longevity stay. For the living, they can ask Buddha to protect them, enhance their wisdom, eliminate disasters and prolong their lives; for the deceased, they can continue practicing Buddhist rules under unlimited brightness and ultimately obtain unlimited longevity, becoming Buddhas and living in a quiet and solemn state of unlimited longevity.


Product Specification

1 urn (The maximum size of urn: The diameter of 22 cm and the height of 25 cm).

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