Bo Re Premium Single Columbarium

Panel of prayer wheel.Innovative technique

The room breaks the idea of original columbarium boards and integrates the function of prayer wheel into panels, making the door not merely a simple decoration and protection. In the process of development and research, each detail from screws to the installation of embellishment of finished goods must be accurately calculated and repeatedly tested by manpower so as to make the finished goods presentable. It is the project which has consumed the most effort and costs ever and is the unique columbarium product domestically, which can be listed in the rare collection. 


Merit of prayer wheel.Unlimited longevity

According to the sutra, the prayer wheel is the most unique and intriguing approach used by Buddhas to salvage mortals. Turing the prayer wheel clockwise is like asking Buddhas to descend to the world; each round indicates that Buddhas are invited to the world once. Turning prayer wheels for many times equals practicing infinite sutras with numerous merits. To turn the prayer wheel for the beloved ones means to practice one sutra, which not only increases Bo Re and peace, but also passes down the merits to descendents, removes disasters, extends life, and obtains all fortune, Bo Re, wealth, authority and fame.


Convert to three treasure.Obtain wisdom

The sutra said: “The three-generation Buddhas adopt Prajna Paramita Sutra and gain Anuttara-Samyak-Sambodhi.”As a result, converting to three treasures and practicing merits of three-generation Buddhas may inspire wisdom of mortals, remove reverse dreams, eliminate misfortunes and block suffering from life and death; it will truly make people free from all pains and obstacles and reach Nie Pan . The living may obtain unlimited brightness through wisdom and later reach the pure land of completeness without obstacles in the post life.


Practice mantra .Obtain merits

If people may see, hear, carry or worship mantra, regardless of types, they may obtain support from all good Buddhas, who may eliminate misfortunes and help you obtain fortune you want in the post life. Om Mani Padme Hum (six syllable Mantra), Mantra of Rebirth in Pure Land and Bhaisajyaguru Mantra contain the mystery of Buddhism and express the original wish of benefiting people held by Buddhas. The living may ask Buddhas to remove misfortunes, eliminate disasters, extend life, and pass down merits to descendents. Placing urns of the ancestors here may allow the living to receive the protection of Buddhas, get rid of sufferings and enter the pure land as soon as possible


The valuable double enjoyment.Precious and limited

To satisfy numerous clients’ needs under the economic consideration of clients, the product is planned with vast space and allows clients to place one or two urns based on their needs; that is, pay at an individual price and enjoy double space.

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