Zhuan Jing Lun Premium Single Columbarium

Prayer wheels used by Buddhist temples and Buddhism disciples for prayer appear on decoration of columbarium! The board of columbarium is well-designed with prayer wheels. Originally as one of Buddhist cultural relics, prayer wheels have various materials and sizes based on the purposes and content and hold the main function of praying for eliminating disasters.


Panel of Heart Sutra Zhuan Jing Lun

The implication of prayer wheels is integrated into the design of panels. The prayer wheel, which is carved with “Heart Sutra”, has a traditional function of interactive praying for reflections. The material and color is designed with clear, bright and tranquil atmosphere based on “Eastern Lazuli Lapis Pure Land”, which popularizes the art of Buddhist cultural relics as well as opens a brand-new pure land for the deceased.


Exclusive customization

Following the features of “Eastern Lazuli Lapis Pure Land”, the room is further designed with customized altars, plaques and sacrifices in addition to panels of columbarium which are entirely self-invented by Lungyen Group. Each detail is planned by staff of Lungyen Group like the customization of designer boutiques from the design of exterior appearances, selection of materials, production of actual objects to the arrangement of the overall settings, which make them rarely precious and invaluable.

The “Eastern Lazuli Lapis Pure Land” in True Dragon Tower cultivates a glass pure land of Eastern Bhaiṣajyaguru based on a bright, solemn and peaceful atmosphere; the approach of modern space is adopted to create a tranquil, delicate and complete phenomenon, which makes it become the idea choice for modern people regarding the eternal residence in the post life. Followed by “Glass Light”, “Completeness”, “Brilliance”, and “Bohdi”, the company challenges itself again to break the original format by integrating traditional Buddhist cultural relics into the design of columbariums. It promotes the product of “Zhuan Jing Lun Premium Single Columbarium”, which not only establishes the brand-new exclusive boutique of Lungyen Group for “Eastern Lazuli Lapis Pure Land”, but also reinterprets the “Eastern Lazuli Lapis Pure Land”.


Product Introduction 

Aluminum alloy frame imported by Japar.

Capacity: 1 urn (two urns at most; the maximum size of urn: The diameter of 22 cm and the height of 25 cm).

 Number of Layer: 7

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