Xiang Rui Premium Single Columbarium

Glass panel.Store with delicacy

The entire panel is built with glass in one. The de-casting technique, the toughest technique in the glass production, is adopted. The cost is high and the chance of failure and being replaced is also high. Each piece of work is created diligently with unique design and texture as well as simple and elegant beauty, which is worth keeping.


Statue Merit.Protect mortals

The glass work has artistic functions and significance of creating statues for prayers. The establishment of statues of Buddha, which salvage mortals, guide people toward goodness and influence all creatures, may be used to pray, promote Buddhism and commit souls to the pure land; it can salvage the deceased and pray for the living as well as pray for the peace and prosperity, good weather, and eternal peace.


Lighting offer.Brightness and peace

The embedded LED device in the glass makes the clearness of glass resemble brilliant treasure and brings vivid and colorful element in the panel. It breaks the original solemn and dull stereotype; the peaceful Buddha even emerges under the dazzling light as if it were supporting the life and showing the brightness for mortals.


Product Specifications

Capacity: 1 urn (two urns at most; the size of urn: The diameter of 22 cm and the height of 25 cm).

Number of Layer: 7.

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