Pu Ti Premium Single Columbarium

Product Features

The glass of “Pu Ti” is built with crystal de-waxing casting technique. It is the work of Heinrich Wang from Tittot. The panel is designed with aluminum alloy painted by alluvial gold, which symbolize the wonderful treasury pool in the pure land with gold paved at the bottom. The outer circle of glass is embedded with 12 crystal diamonds, which symbolizes 12 wishes of “Sutra of the Medicine Buddha” which eliminate misfortunes of mortals and make all aspects of life complete; besides, it also indicates that 12 star Buddhas who protect mortals pray to Buddhas for completing their merits and helping mortals to obtain what they want.


Lighting offer

The LED light of “Pu Ti” glass embedded in the middle of the panel is designed to pray for the deceased for heading to Elysium.


Product Specifications

Floor: G3F Wu You Area at Eastern Lazuli Lapis Pure Land.

Capacity: Basically one urn; two urns at most (The size of urn: The diameter of 22 cm and the height of 25 cm).

Number of Layer: 7

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