Yu Pin Premium Double Size Columbarium

Product Features

The golden and classic flower pattern, carved with sandblasting glass, in the middle of the panel is the seed-syllable of Pharmacist Tathagata and the picture of Chinese Clematis; the six-petal diamond-casting bars surrounding Chinese Clematis represent the drug maker held by Pharmacist Tathagata. The glass mirror and embedded gems on bars surrounded by the seed-syllable and the picture of Chinese Clematis in the middle indicate that the brightness spread from Pharmacist Tathagata is as clear as glass; it also represents the solemn pure land paved with glass, which allows people who practice Buddhism to be protected by the merits of Pharmacist Tathagata.


Product Specifications

Floor: G3F Guang Zhi Area at Eastern Lazuli Lapis Pure Land.

Capacity: Basically two urns; four urns at most (The size of urn: The diameter of 22 cm and the height of 25 cm).

Number of Layer: 7.

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