Sunny Garden Cemetery

Warm sunlight falls in the harmony garden; let the feeling emerge into the peaceful scenery.


The one, the only- with serenity garden for the foremost

The first demo flower garden has been released. The momentum and confront is enhanced by collocating a serenity garden designed by our guest landscape designer. We hope your mind will be delighted by the beautiful scenery.

Sunny Garden Cemetery is mainly built in stone, with a one-piece formed pillar in the front garden. Granite creates a warm atmosphere, and every sculpture is one in a million. The landscape design brings out the quality and the momentum of the garden owner, and the flowers and wind-wrought patterns carry our blessing and longing to ancestors.

As “garden” is the key design concept, this project has exclusive characteristics: firm and flexible, steady and reassuring. Just like Lungyen Group’s commitment to all customers: offering the best dependence with staunch backups.


Every step is carefully-designed - every block and tile has the meaning behind.

The paving of stone steps is accurately calculated in order to bring an easy, dependable, and peaceful feeling to our customers. The long-shaped tiles have an implied meaning of “all is said and done”, which means that although this is the end of a life, it is also a new beginning for the everlasting paradise.

People can take a short break nearby the stone tables and chairs; furthermore, this design also has an implication of “parents are surrounding by kids”. While families get together for graveside rituals, young generation can inherit family honor and faith from the elders. This is the reason of using concentric circles as the design concept.

A square cannot be gentle, and there are no edges in a circle. We are pursuing balance in our entire lives. The design of fences points out the life guidelines and necessary gentleness, and the lower height demonstrates the openness and friendliness of Sunny Garden Cemetery.

Horticulture landscaping is one of the most important parts of a garden. The landscape architects create a Japanese Zen-style garden, implanting the concept of dry landscape in new forms. Using the idea of “the emotion will remain even though the substance has vanished” to present the memorial to the deceased. With the aroma of osmanthus flower and the adornment of camellia, the garden with simple and nostalgic style creates a warm atmosphere under the sunlight; meanwhile, dwarf junipers give an extraordinary temperament to the garden.

Lungyen Group devotes and consists in planning a wonderful place for resting with deepest blessing presented by designs. The Group also cares about Feng-shui. All projects have been through numerous adjustments for the perfect results.


At all cost- just for the ONE

The vision of Sunny Garden Cemetery is to offer a cozy future family house, carrying with unlimited blessing and memory. With the warm sunlight and the aroma around the garden, we’d like to fully understand customers’ needs and expectations. The Group examines all details, from the architecture style to the materials, from color, furnishing to the smell. After applying Zen style in the front garden with sparkling sunlight, Sunny Garden Cemetery is here completed.


Another masterpiece of Shanghai Gardens after Expo 2010 Shanghai China

Overall layout

The whole park is unified built and is combined with natural terrain and view. Every garden is measured and each horizontal level is checked individually in order to unite the size. The inside paths and entrances/exits are designed from a holistic view for a fluent route, as well as to create a beautiful and comfortable park.


Superb ecological conditions, landscape outlook and exclusive Zen style garden. The modern, artistic and dignified marble sculptures are located inside the park. The main structure of each garden has an open and luxury view without any obstacles. When the warn sunlight falls into the exclusive family garden accompanied with gentle sea wind, you can recall all memories with the ancestors, just like going back to the old days. You can feel the cozy atmosphere again when you were chatting with elders in the family house, enjoying the peaceful and happy mind. Sunny Garden Cemetery is a natural cemetery that is integrated with the world and surrounded by mountains. The main structure is built along the topography. Being in this place, you can feel the peace in mind and the integration between life and the nature.

Cemetery Art

Beauty. Momentum. Beyond the time. Each garden has an open view with ceilinged roof. Premier stones are selected. All constructions are built with uncompromising attention, from draining facilities, basic construction, to every single stone and tile. This is a heritage for all family generations. The space of double size columbarium and outdoor columbarium inside the garden can be customized according to customers’ needs. Besides the united outlook, more precisely customized adjustments are provided.

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