Xiashan Cemetery

When the evening wind crosses the mountains with sunset, the sky is colored by rosy and golden clouds. The elegant and ethereal atmosphere is just around the place.

It is just like the ancestors are talking besides you with warm and kind words. Gradually it becomes a timeless moment. The light of sunset that presents in front of your eyes and mind is similar to the beauty of the end of life, astonishing and memorable.


The sun is about to disappear. The skyline will shine brightly before the end of the day. To keep the last brightness in the end of life, Lungyen Group grabs the most colorful sunshine and makes the short life into eternity. This is XiashanCemetery, where the peaceful and warm memories will be raised into a higher lever in the stunning view.


Warmly welcome the guests

Xiashan Cemetery is an individual cemetery. In order to provide a VIP-level service to customers, Lungyen Group invites a world-known design team, Shanghai Gardens, to take charge of the whole design and the exclusive entrance. Shanghai Gardens is one of gurus nowadays in garden landscape field in China. This team’s works are not only in China but also all over the world. In 2010, Shanghai Gardens built the green landscape, Expo Park and CelebrationPlaza for Expo 2010 Shanghai China. With Shanghai Gardens’ dedicated design, Xiashan Cemetery is like a modern version of a royal garden, which is full of blossoms and classic decorations.

While memorizing the past, the shape of life is more vividly formed by layers of memories. A waterfall is specially designed for the front entrance of site, hoping the image of flowing water can refresh all visitors’ mind as well as enhance the ethereal and pure feeling of visitors to recall their memories with their families.


The view of Xiashan Cemetery

Xiashan Cemetery is located in Baisha Bay Cemetery, with a wide open view. The view changing with seasons can be seen from here. You can see the falling blossoms in spring, hear the bird singing in summer, enjoy the fresh wind and bright moon in autumn, and feel the warm sunshine in winter. The environment perfectly matches with the season, and people who visit here are just like in the paradise, which reminds them the happy family time they once had in the past.


Elegant Design

Finest building materials are used in Xiashan Cemetery in order to build a reliable cemetery for families. The base of the cemetery and the path are linked together as a whole; dedicated drain system keeps the draining clear and smooth. Primer limestone, Shanxi Black and pink granite are chosen to present a classic and generous atmosphere. The counterfort is built with solid steel structure. Let your family who rest here can have a quiet and peaceful place to stay.

Along with the elegant cemetery landscape, Xiashan Cemetery has creative as well as classic worship pavilions. The pavilions are simple but have sense of design, match with dignified Buddha sculptures. This is the departure place for the deceased to begin his/her journey to Pure Land; meanwhile, the living can use this spiritual space to memorizing the pass, delivering our best wishes to the deceased.

Shanxi Black is chosen for the cemetery. The uniformly-structured stone is resistant to weather and anti-abrasive. The color is named as Imperial Black, which shows the dignity and unique characteristic from the soft texture of its gloss. Mixing limestone and Shanxi Black present a pure and poised image of this cemetery, decorated with elegant pattern without specific religion. The charm of sculpture is perfectly shown in this project.

The cremation cemetery is also designed with the mixture of Shanxi Black and limestone in order to create a unified cemetery style. The darkness of Shanxi Black and snow white of limestone have presented a steady and firm surrounding. The picture on the back wall is decorated with lines and reliefs of heart-shaped pattern in order to demonstrate our emotions to ancestors as well as the family cohesion. The pattern around grave seats is a collection of geometries, which brings a neat and graceful image.

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