Beauty Garden Cemetery

Beauty Garden Cemetery

In order to present the beauty of cemetery landscape, Lungyen Group has invited three artists, Yang Po-lin, Yang Feng-shen and Heinrich Wang, to co-design Beauty Garden Cemetery. Besides using modern art to interpret the tradition “Reverence for ancestors”, they use simple and neat technique to give the cemetery a new look. Meanwhile, the artists try to break down the oppressive and depressing feeling in traditional cemetery and replace it into vivid, simple and organic modeling. A cheerful and classic atmosphere is thus presented.


Priceless natural scenery

Beauty Garden Cemetery has a priceless sense of art and natural environment. Being located in a higher position and facing to ocean, continuous layers of mountains bring vitality into the site. It is a perfect place for family gathering and transmitting the blessing to descendants. The Baisha Bay Cemetery, where Beauty Garden Cemetery belongs to, has been chosen as favorable site by many national entrepreneurs, celebrities and government officials. In recent decades, it has been selected as “first-rated cemetery”. As a result, lots of celebrities rest in peace in this area. It is a remarkable place that brings out outstanding people.

The artists’ design is built with finest granite, simple and poised, to demonstrate the noble elegance, which is suitable for transmitting to future generations. The color is carefully arranged in this area: the darker at the lower place and then the color turns lighter while going upwards. Black granite is used for the gravestone and the sculpture in Yang Po-lin Area, which is at the bottom of the whole site. Bluestone with special blue and gray colors is used in Yang Feng-shen area. Heinrich Wang Area is based on greyish white Crimson rock. To unify the overall design of the site, all niches are mainly made of white marble. When you gaze Beauty Garden Cemetery afar under sunlight, the white stone is like the snow covering the mountain.


Every brick and tile are meticulously built

The foundation structure is steady, anti-slipping and resistance to earthquakes. Three cover layers are built in every cemetery for keeping eternal well-condition. Each cemetery is measured and each horizontal level is checked individually.

Beauty Garden Cemetery is a collection of three cemeteries that designed by three artists; furthermore, several large-scaled artworks of them are placed in public area. “Beauty Garden Cemetery”, created by Yang Po-lin, and “Traveling like cloud”, created by Yang Feng-shen, are both made of stainless steel; “Blossom”, created by Heinrich Wang is made of bluestone.


Inspirations of the artists

Three famous artists set an excellent milestone in cemetery construction history.

Yang Po-lin

Yang’s works are full of strength and deep meanings. He is good at picking ideas from the nature and personal memories. “When I was a kid, I often imaged that I am from a very faraway planet. I also believe that there are some stars in the universe that have the beautiful sceneries in my dream.” As a result, when Yang started his artwork for the cemetery, he used stars as his topic. Not like the common concept of stars, which are always small, obscure and faraway, the starts from Yang’s point of view are very huge and be consisted with beauty of lines. The vivid image reminds the audience the famous work of Van Gogh, Starry Night, on which has whirligig and bright stars. Yang Po-lin addressed that one star represents one family, and the traces that created by roaming stars represent the members in the family who transmit the heritage from generation to generation.


Yang Feng-shen

Inherited from his father Yang Yu-yu, Yang Feng-Shen often uses Chinese culture as the basic of his artworks, creates a modern art with an Oriental spirit. When he started to design the cemetery, he chose phoenix, the holy bird in ancient China, as his topic. In Chinese legends, phoenix only appears when the society is peace and harmony with favorable weather. It represents the both masculine and feminine, and the blessing and hopes from gods, wishing people can create a wonderful, prosperous and happy world. Phoenix’s several positions are used as his inspirations, including standing, preparing to fly, and rebirthing from fire, to describe his personal viewpoint of life and death: “from nothing to everything; from everything to nothing.”

Heinrich Wang

The inspiration of Heinrich Wang for this project is very simple: imaging a cemetery with lots of flowers. From his point of view, the process of life is similar to flowers and plants, which starts from the earth and ends up with burying in the earth. It is an everlasting cycle. Thus, Wang chose flowers as his topic. In this large-scaled artwork, there are two aspects on it: a sprout with vivid energy in one aspect, and an old and wrinkled branch on the opposite aspect. It implies a blossomed flower will rotten one day, and will turn into another beautiful flower. With the artwork that presents two phases in one piece, it is also a metaphor for the life and death. The deceased will reborn in the other world. Flowers always create a cheerful feeling and lighten the environment. Wang hope to place plenty of blossoming flowers in the cemetery to make the descendants feel closer and more intimate with their ancestors.

Three famous artists set an excellent milestone in cemetery construction history.

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