Ying Yue Cemetery

Ying Yue Cemtery is designed as a peaceful and quiet garden. Due to being at the foremost location, it has the exclusive feature of an open view. Facing to west, having nice Feng-shui, and a board vision, this is a rear boutique in Baisha Bay Cemetery.


Design Concept

Local cherry blossoms are the entrance of Ying Yue Cemetery, which have become an annually scenery. The design concept is “Respect for Life, Cherish the Nature, Gratitude to Predecessors, Transmit to Descendants”. A giant relief craving of Tree of Live is in the center of background. Its sprouts represent the family will be expended and continuous, and the stretched and twisted old branches represent the history and legend of the predecessors, which implies that the education of a person will take hundreds of learning as well as countless knowledge accumulated from the ancestors. The tree is also a symbol of immortality, which will be the loyal guardant for every family.

Finest granite is chosen as the building material. The overall structure is simple but poised, showing the elegance as a noble family. The classical design will be lasting forever, which is suitable for transmitting to the descendants.



The giant Tree of Live guards the family.

The symbol of this area is a giant stone craving-Tree of Live. In addition to increasing the visual beauty, the steady big tree can be the mental support to the living, just like a guardant of the family.

Get all views in the whole year

The site is facing to the ocean and has mountains in the back, with an open view. Cherry blossoms are welcoming visitor at the entrance. Plenty green plants and mountain views are around this place. A natural and peaceful garden is thus presented.

Creative space & Flexible usage

A wide space and high flexibility is provided for modern people’s requirements. Comparing with other similar products in the market, Ying Yue Cemetery is more elegant and generous. 12 to 24 urns or 6 bone urns can be put in the cemetery. Things that once belonged to the deceased can be placed here as well. For customers, this is indeed a classic paradigm of cemetery.

Selected stone & everlasting sculpture

All stone materials are the finest quality in the area. The foundation is built in imported granite, which is very strong, has nice abrasion resistance and easy to maintain. The perfect visual combination brings an everlasting and thriving future.



Capacity:12 urns or 6 bone urns (size of urn: diameter 22cm, height 25 cm; size of bone urn: diameter 33cm, height 62cm)

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