He Feng Cemetery

Surrounded by mountains with beautiful seasonal view, this is the superiority of He Feng Cemetery.

He Feng Cemetery blends oriental culture and western culture into a classic garden style. Tree shadows, cherry blossoms and casually decorated stone sculpture are all around. With a clean pond and lotus floating on the water, this is a cozy cemetery that beyond your imagination.

This site is located nearby a picture of nirvana. In Buddhist Sutra, nirvana means the one is released from the cycle of rebirth and all suffering come to an end. When all affections and suffering have gone, the mind will be free from negative mental states, peaceful, happy, and non-reactive. This is the wonderland that Chinese generations are looking forward to.


Product Features - Cremation Cemetery

Carefully selected prime stone materials--- the cover of cemetery is made of golden diamond polished granite. This stone got its name because of the golden gloss and beautiful patterns in its gentle texture, which is a favorable material for building external decoration after polished. It is more expensive than general granite. Under the sunlight in He Feng Cemetery and fine construction quality, every stone has its unique gloss, showing an elegant and extraordinary manner.

The grave seat is accompanied with Shanxi Black censer with water-milled surface and a vase as ritual equipment as well as decoration. Three cover boards under the cemetery room. Apart from the granite cover on the top and on the bottom, the middle cover is made of 316 stainless steel, which has been certificated by ISO9001 that the material is purified, no impurities, high acid and alkali resistance and uneasy to be metamorphosed. The cover can offer the most completed protection, whose price is 50% higher than other materials that are commonly used in market. The layout is based on western cemetery, using simple and poised structure to demonstrate the sense of noble family. The classic design is suitable to be transmitted to future generations, which will be lasting forever.


Specification - Cremation Cemetery

Capacity: 6 bone urns or 12 urns

(size of bone urn: diameter 33cm, height 62cm; size of urn: diameter 22cm, height 25cm)


Product Features - Family Size Columbarium & Outdoor Columbarium

The frame of outdoor columbarium room is made of Rosa Tarde Granite and matched with Volakas panel, on which is a sculpture of Amideva. The family product adopts the concept of sacrificial altar, where a niche for a statue of Buddha is placed at the top, and the case of columbarium is placed at the bottom.

The Volakas marble, also named as Greek White marble and “silver fox”, is from Greece. The light grey veining corresponds with shinning gloss improves the quality of the building. Due to the dense and solid texture, it is a top-rated building material and is often used on sculptures and important buildings. You can see this stone in ancient architecture, such as Parthenon in Greece and Rome, several palaces in European countries as building materials and sculptures. The thickness of the 3-D solid Volakas sculpture is about 7 cm. The beauty and whiteness of the stone can be noticed from the fortune plants surrounding, the panel of the Buddha sculpture, to the folds of the Buddha’s dress. All elements create a vivid image together. 

The Amideva niche has a statue and door panel with fortune flower patterns which are sculptured in Volakas marble. The grave seat, railings, columns, small vase on the roof and the reliefs on the walls are made of Rosa Tarde Granite. The fortune flower reliefs are often used in Chinese sculptures. The delicate and romantic texture of Volakas marble and Rosa Tarde Granite bring a refreshed feeling out of the world.


Specification - Family Size Columbarium & Outdoor Columbarium

Family Size Columbarium: 24 urns

Outdoor Columbarium: 1~2 urns (size of urn: diameter 22cm, height 24cm)

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