Wu Chen Cemetery


For Burial Cemetery


Product Introduction

Wu Chen Cemetery is built in European style, adopts the form of lawn park. There are tree shadows, cherry blossom, a clean pond, and stone carvings with different gestures. This place will give you a new concept of a cemetery.


Wu Chen Cemetery is in Nie Pan (Nirvana) Area, where the Buddha was enlightened according to Buddhist Sutra. A giant picture of nirvana sculpted on a piece of bluestone is set in front of Wu Chen Cemetery. In Buddhist Sutra, nirvana means the one who has released from the cycle of rebirth and all suffering has come to an end. When all affections and suffering have gone, the mind will be free from negative mental states. The only thing left is a state of peaceful, happy, and non-reactive. This is the wonderland that Chinese generations are looking forward to.


Nie Pan Area

There are 48 reliefs of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara in both sides. Every relief is presented in different perspectives. These are not only valuable works in religious art, but also have physical functions as pagodas.

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