Zhu Lin Cemetery

Product Introduction

The name and the concept of Zhu Lin Cemetery are from a Buddhist story. The King of Magadha, Bimbisara, built an abode in a bamboo forest (which is “Zhu Lin“ in Chinese) inside his palace as a bodhimaṇḍa, where Buddhists used this space for presenting the essence of enlightenment. This represents Buddhism and the respect to Buddha, hoping to follow Buddha’s will to generate the common wealth to the public; meanwhile, we wish Buddha will protect us from external invades and harass while living, and be led to the Pure Land by Bodhisattva to enjoy the everlasting peace.

 The feature in this grave is craved in the Northern Dynasties style, with 3-D hollow sculpture. The Buddha is sitting in lotus position. His right hand is in the gesture of Abhaya Mudra, which means “the Buddha will save all living creatures from all kinds of suffer and difficulty.” As this gesture also means “increasing the wisdom in the world and giving blessing all creatures”, it is a symbol of mercy. May all creatures that have seen this gesture will be filled with happiness and soaked into Elysium both mentally and physically.


Product Features

Every Buddha sculpture is a symbol of universal salvation. The soul can be purified while living; after deceased, the ancestors will become the receptionists for them toward the Pure Land, enjoy the peaceful life under Buddha’s protection. The livings can cultivate their soul and be covered by Buddha’s glory, enter the BuddhaLand together with their ancestors, be protected by Buddha and pariṇāmanā the merit to future generations. It can also be a good way to maintain the traditional virtue of reverence, and practice the filial piety.

The cravings on outdoor columbarium are describing series of scenario while Gautama Buddha was teaching the Dharma in the abode in bamboo forest. Gautama Buddha puts his both hands in front of his chest, with the two hands held at the heart, representing the turning of the wheel of Dharma. The hand gesture is called “mudra of teaching”, which is a symbol of teaching the Dharma. If people follow Dharma, they can overcome all kleshas (afflictions), feel the peace and be released from the deep of their minds. Every time when the person sees Gautama Buddha, it is like listening to the Dharma. This is the place for permanent living where is covered by Buddha dharma, and the resident can stay in the Elysium with Buddha.


Product Content - Cremation Cemetery

4 urns, 2 layers (flexible)


Product Content - Outdoor Columbarium

Capacity: 1 or 2 urns (flexible)

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