Long Tai Outdoor Columbarium

Product Introduction

Long Tai Outdoor Columbarium is the best combination of nature and humanities. It has the superiority of natural Feng-shui, locates above “dragon’s vein” and surrounded with mountains. From this site, the views changing along seasons are all in the eyesight. Be gathered by the rise and fall of the terrain, a blessed shape of “an eagle grabs a rabbit” is naturally developed. This is a very rear site which can bring good fortune from Chinese Feng-shui perspective. This location will help the ancestors to protect the future generations. In order to match the undulating mountains and be integrated with horizontal line, Long Tai Outdoor Columbarium abandons traditional pavilion roofs, which are often seen in Chinese pavilions, but replaces them with flat cornices. Furthermore, religious and artistic reliefs are presented on the bluestone slates, such as 44 Amita Buddhaya standing panels, 60 stelas, 7 large-scaled wall reliefs and 76 Buddha stone shrines. The crossed fundamental structure is the basic of the architecture, which also implies the meaning of perfectness in Chinese characters.


Single Columbarium

Capacity: 1 urn

Number of Layer: 8


Double Size Columbarium

Capacity: 2 urns

Number of Layer: 8


Family Size Columbarium

Capacity: 6 urns and 2 bone urns

Number of Layer: 1


Bone Urn Outdoor Columbarium

Capacity: 1 bone urn

Number of Layer: 4

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