Pet Columbarium Tower

Eternal Land-Pet Memorial Park

Lungyen Group consists in the concept- Professional, Reliable, Compassionate - to pursue for excellence and offer the service beyond customers’ expectations. In order to expand the range of service and extend Company’s business area for delivering more completed service to our customers, we launches funeral service and Pet Memorial Park for every beloved pet. After consulting pet specialist and understanding the needs of pet owners, we provide the service of Preneed Funeral Contract for Pet and Pet ColumbariumTower to deliver the last blessing to our dearest baby.

After years of researching, we build a castle for our dearest pets. There are bright and open internal spaces and garden with sunlight. Above the sky, at the other edge of the rainbow, there is a world with everlasting cheer and happiness, full of flowers and lawns. The facilities in the building is completed and dedicated. Several spaces are divided in accordance with its function, such as public lobby, service desk, praying area, memorial area…etc. Every space is designed in a unique concept. The bright space, friendly service staffs, considerable management, and the knowledge of cemetery management that Lungyen Group has accumulated for years will provide the best service for the pet owners and their pets.

In Pet Memorial Hall, the fresh interior design and colorful decoration create a cheerful and rich environment. The individual room let the pet owner have more time and space to enjoy personal memorial moment. This is a new journey for the pet toward another new world, where all pets can meet more friends and happily play together. Pet Columbarium Tower welcomes the pet owner to visit this place with the pet’s favorite snack and toy, have a chat with your pet, and share something new in your life with him/her.

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