Pu Ti Urn

Design Concept

Gorgeous red and bright-colored gold leaf are the most admirable color in China. Adding the crystal glittering texture of glass gave it a feeling of heaven just like entering a wonderland and bathing in the sacred eternity. Gold and glass are often considered as the precious thing in 7 treasures of Buddha. This further shows the wisdom of Buddha country.

 The circle and vigorous shape of urn also displays the goodness of karmic reward and it also means to give descendants abundant blessings.



 1.Spin and blow with white and red color. This is to make color brighter the shape in a circle.

2.The urn is randomly dipped with gold foil so that the gold foil will have different thickness and density. Every urn’s gold foil distribution has its distinctiveness.

3.In the last, it will use transparent painting so as to show the perfect brightness and refraction.


Purely hand-made blow-molded urn creates a unique artistic value. The Pu Ti Urn is made by Tittot. It is uncommon in blow-molded technique, because the bigger of the size and weight, so higher the rate of failure as it is harder to control. When under the blow-molded process, to resist gravity, craftsman has to keep rotate so as to remain the shape of the urn, but in this way, it will lead to different thickness of urn. The blow-mold craftsman needs to have technique and experience, and also outstanding stamina and perseverance. When the urn is chilling, the difference of inner side is easy to contract since the chilling speed is different. The failure rate is higher than 70%, so every urn will not have a consistent standard, but there will be slight changes on the glass since the artist work so hard on every piece of work. The urn from those professional artists are premium selection with unique texture.

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