Hua Yan Urn

If possible, I want to make the gone ones feel at home in another world.

In 2005, Lungyen Group hired Mr. Heinrich Wang to help build a unique lazuli lapis, Hua Yan Urn , for Lungyen so as to achieve the high difference and quality concept.

The idea of “supreme beauty” in wonderland is originated from Amitabha Sutra. The main focus is home. Combined with the traditional architecture, this is to show the dignity and lead the gone one to the ideal beautiful and shiny pure land.


Design Concept

Dignity: Use traditional symmetric upswept eaves to form the image of beautiful home.

Clean: The simple line and stable model gives a happy and clean atmosphere.

Light: Brightness. Glass is one of the 7 treasures of Buddhism.

Glamorous: Magnificent and dignified. The peacock that Amitfabha magically changed into and treasure flower blossoms. This makes the Elysium prosperous and shiny.


Performing Method

The circle shape urn features the stable void and nothingness and also uses traditional upswept eaves in Chinese architecture to form the image of home. The lotus image on the can symbolizes the mercy of Buddha. With a slight golden decoration in the insightful and translucent color leads to a dainty and dignified memorial thought. The theme is becoming Buddha. Crystal shine from the glass and pure texture gives a “Supreme Beauty” atmosphere and low profile luxury. Blessing the gone one can start their new trip with Buddha and fulfill his or her ideal sacred living status. The confident, smooth, and clean urn build a silent but grand feeling, hoping life can finally enter the pure land like Buddha lives.

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