Liu Fang Urn

After the white ceramic panel and objects, Heinrich Wang helped Lungyen to produce white ceramic boutique again.

Heinrich Wang used circle shape to depict the brilliant life and deliver sincere emotion. The generous and simple shape with fine and smooth hollow pictures add the touch that brings the urn to life. This is to memorize the gone one. The garden design of urn fulfills the perfect wish for life. The masterpiece completed the best blessing in a great atmosphere and relative’s recall.


The cross century evolution- Soft fire makes unique quality urn.

NewChi Contemporary Porcelain changed the traditional way of ceramic art piece. The new way has a high failure rate. After 3 years of research, by the support of rack and patiently design the process, the new formula now can achieve the modern color and appropriate hardness and the successful rate is around 30~40%. Every set of an art piece will take about 1 year.

NewChi tries very hard on every art piece. Although until now the company has had many new technologies, every new design is a totally new challenge.


The procedure for manufacturing

(1) Molding

Plaster being trial burned and improved until the successful ceramic body is made.

(2) Grouting

NewChi’s product has a unique shape so the grouting method has to be redesigned. Big area art piece usually can easily collapsed during the process of drying.

(3) Rebuild

The range of rebuild covers from sandpaper, sponge, bamboo chips, writing brush, to even stockings. This is to make the urn smooth and precise.

(4) Bisque fire

The temperature should reach 1300 degree. 95% of the art piece will need stand to go with bisque fire. The stand also has to use the same high level china clay so as not to have different contracting rate. The massive art piece plus the stand make it lesser for the quantities for bisque fire and also make the beautiful art work irreplaceable.

(5) Quality Check

Once the quality check is not passed, the urn will be destroyed.

(6) Glaze

By spraying, soaking, brushing, the ceramic body will be attached a transparent glaze so as to show the original color of china clay.

(7) Glaze firing

The glazed ceramic body will be heated up to 1060℃ in the stove, and after 10 hour heating plus 6 hour chilling. This is to make the glaze medicine to cover the whole ceramic body.

(8) Glaze firing quality check

Strictly examine the semi-manufactured urn. If the surface is not good, well-distributed, or dipped with anything, the urn should be destroyed.

(9) Put on the logo

The examined semi-manufactured urn will have a sign of NewChi Contemporary, and will be heated up to 800℃ in the stove again.

(10) Quality check

To ensure the quality of product, we will execute a last check. Once the check is passed, the end product can be put on shelves.

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