Binfen Urn


Japanese painters are excelled in art work. Their brilliant skill can perform golden water and cherry blossom on the smooth Okura white ceramic body. The water and cherry surrounding means spiritual level rise. The bud on the top of urn represent the life will continue in the eternal country.


Design Concepts

Once you see the flowers in the sky, you feel the spring coming. The Okura Art China used by Japanese imperial household made a limited boutique named “Binfen”. The rounded shape symbolizes the complete of life. Started from the concept in Ando Tadao’s masterpiece “Light’s palace” air, water, cherry, the water sprinkling a solemn path and leads to the gone one to a clean paradise.


Design Engineering Method

The cherry is piled up and hand make by 7 kinds of pink. Every flower is unique. The skillful technique stretches to the golden bud on the top and draws the beautiful cherry flying image. Craftsman inherited the instructions of “Create unique porcelain” from Okura and implemented the beauty in the technique. The valves of flower represent the memorial to the gone one, and all those good thing they left will keep blossom.


Okura Art China Brand Introduction

Okura Art China is a long-established favorite of the Japanese Imperial Household. Not only featuring prominently at government banquets with visiting heads of state and other important dignitaries, but it also is the UK Diana princess’s favorite.

The okura white that Okura Art China is proud of comes from the highest level SW(Special white) of white pottery’s clay “ka-o-lin”. It can survive from the 1460℃ when firing, so the texture can be very white, hard but smooth.

 “Binfen” is made and drawn by supreme craftsman and painter. The technique and quality are outstanding so the quantity is rare. This is why “Binfen” is so extraordinary and that’s the best present Lungyen gave to our customer.


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