Qing Lian Urn

Qing Lian

Inherently devoid of earthy smell

Serenely bathes in the water

Gracefully reveals its pureness

Lies the lovely fragrant lotus


After a long life, people’s appearance returned to their original look with little fragrance. They wear pure white clothes like a new born lotus and start everything from “new”.

The classic brand used by Japanese royal, “Okura Art China”, produces unique “Qing Lian” white ceramic urn to shield the gone ones as if they are wearing perfectly white clothes and living in the bright lotus world.

The amazing masterpiece is consisted of noble and royal white base, classic and elegant brushwork from Japanese painter, matured techniques, and golden ratio urn body.


Design Concept

The idea came from the clear eyes of Tathagata. It can reflect the beautiful lotus scene in Tathagata’s eye. Japanese professional painter drew the blue lotus lake which blossoms tenderly on the Okura white chinaware like a Chinese ink and wash painting. The golden linings sprinkling on the leaf represents the golden cloud pattern in the sky. The white lotus on the cover symbolizes eternal sound and peace.


Design engineering method

Our product is a global innovation and we use exclusive engineering method. Made by the Japanese royal craftsman, the urn has a smoothly clear skin, hard texture and traditional hand-draw method will be maintained. Professional painter will draw green lotus cloud pattern. The production's supply is low and the procedure is complicated. Thus, the ultimate performance of industrial arts and elegant aesthetics can be perfectly displayed.

Tank staining

We use the mysterious color techniques created by flame art. By Okura’s special technique, we paint mineral pigment and burned it in 1460℃. In this period, the cobalt blue will integrate with glaze and the beautiful design is thus created.


The surface on white glaze ground and special mineral pigment are fused together, and the shiny dark blue is then produced.

Gold eclipse

The gold eclipse is made by sand blast. The picture is hidden in white glaze ground .We use tiny grit to polish the surface so as the theme will be performed. When putting the gold color, we use the layer’s variability to show the theme.

Golden color

The painting brush will draw golden decoration on the urn, use 24k pure gold, and equally distributed on the urn.

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