Fenghua Urn

Fenghua (Elegance and Talent)

Peacocks have the sparkling, eye-catching feathers and are considered the phoenix on earth. Legend has it that a peacock’s feathers can regain the lost love and the patterns and the colors of the beautiful feathers can bring popularity and good fortune. A peacock’s elegant postures also stand for the ultimate luck and bring fortune and prosperity. Indian peacocks are recognized as the most beautiful ones. The ancient name for India was Tianzhu, the destination of Tang Sanzang in Journey to the West. Indian peacocks also symbolize that the deceased departs and looks forward to the next life.


Design Philosophy

The urn is made by Okura China Inc, which uses white china and decorates it with pure, pretty, and profound cobalt blue. The gorgeous peacock’s tail, which fans out is like jewels that sparkle in the most beautiful sky. The peacock leads the deceased to the bright and joyful world with its extremely elegant postures.


Design Methods

Material: The best kaolin was heated for 48 hours at the high temperature of 1460 degrees Celsius to produce the most perfect okura white.

Stained Glass: special mineral paints were put on the white glaze evenly and heated in the glaze kiln. The surface of the white glaze was melted along with special mineral paints, creating the lustrous deep blue.

Formation: Green paint was mixed into the transparent paint and was injected evenly with a special tool onto the surface of the china little by little, illustrating the elegant effects of jewel-like on the stained glass.

Relief: The head of the peacock was made with delicate relief to present the vivid quality of 3 D effects.

Gold plating: The artist hand-painted the gold patterns on the edge of the urn using high purity gold. A special transcription technique was utilized for the peacock feathers and the magnificent decorations to construct the glittering golden views.


Okura China Inc. / Brand Introduction

Okura China Inc. produces the boutique for the Japanese Royalty, who uses them for royal parties. Okura China is the other word for elegance—Princess Diana liked this brand the best.

What makes Okura proud the most is the Okura White made from kaolin, the highest class Special White in pottery, which can survive from the highest temperature of 1460 degrees Celsius during heating process. As a result, the extreme white is produced with hard, solid quality and yet soft, smooth to the touch.

Binfen Urn was made by the best potters hired by the royalty and professional painters hand-painted the urns with accurate and sophisticated techniques to maintain the best quality. Thus, the production is limited and every piece is a rare and unique work of art. This is why “Fenghua” is so extraordinary and the best presentation provided by Lungyen Group.

Note: This boutique is available only to Yuan Rong Preneed Funeral Contract clients. 

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